February 18th, 2022
 Website news and important message from the admin
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For almost eight years, since the launch of this project, I have followed the main goal of the “Britney Spears Media” website – the maximum collection of content and various information regarding the intellectual creativity of Britney Spears. It can be difficult to make posts on your own, and due to lack of time, burnout and a one-sided view of the material, some time ago Alexey Edrennikov and later Anna Markina were connected to help me with this website. We lasted almost a year delighting everyone with cool and rares content, video files and scans of exclusive photos, various merchandise and commercials. The movie “Stages” was translated into Russian with the support of the largest fan community in the VK group. We planned with Alexey to release a photo book with a translation and a DVD with bonus material. Various other fan made products, such as our “Glory” CD, to pay for hosting costs (it’s paid) I don’t have any ads here, to buy tons of content for a website with Britney, which is not available anyway. The choice was made to invest in his new computer, I was so stupid.

Yes, I write with sadness, our paths with Alexey parted in the November and his gallery “All Eyes On Britney” ceased to be part of “Britney Spears Media” and was turned off at his request. Most of the open content was overloaded on img.britneyspearsmedia.ru to the appropriate sections.

More information in the full post.

Alexey’s desire is that I forget him as a terrible dream (is permissible). According to him, I took his whole life and all works, scans with Britney material from his collection, but it doesn’t work that way with the Internet. If he has been posting his own since 2013 and sharing it with other fans, he won’t be able to clean all his photos everywhere, just for the reason that he just wants it now. It doesn’t work that way, he doesn’t own Britney Spears’ content, and he didn’t upload them at gunpoint, he did it himself in the galleries. At the same time, blaming me for this, threatening and slandering me with obscene words is quite humiliating on his part.

The gap occurred due to a different vision of the situation and the overall development of the project. It seemed to me that it was difficult for him to follow the purpose of the website and share some rarities in one place. His idea is this, leaving everything at home, almost under the pillow, to share only with selected people, a small circle of collectors or for re-sale content to other fans. He is the same as his friend Nikolay, who tried to make money offering material more expensive than another source. It was funny to me that they tried to keep me a fool. We are now talking about paid media files purchased together with Alexey, including free content, which seems to be in plain sight, but is deeply hidden in the vastness of the Internet. He forbade me to post the materials I wanted and which were mostly bought with my money. I have all the messages, audio calls and proof of this. I was very careful with him, I was afraid of him. But at some point I trusted him, and it seemed to me that we became friends. My goal and the goal of the website is to have as many media files as possible, expand and enjoy cool and HQ content together with other fans. I can see how much this website means to Britney’s fans by the visits and messages you send to me. Alexey is more interested in clippings from magazines and updating his private collection with Britney. To each his own. We had really big plans and interesting ideas about the project and its development, given his professional skills. Somewhere everything went wrong. It’s normal when people just don’t see a common goal and diverge.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t just accept this situation – leave me and the “Britney Media” website alone. He threatened with statements to the police to block the hosting and demanded the closure of the website. I don’t have the strength and desire to fight it and respond to messages about the “All Eyes On Britney gallery” on social networks, where people ask about it, and I just wanted to share with all visitors what was going on inside me and the website team, as I thought. Alas!

Alexey knows how to get his way, he has in his private collection all music videos and rare materials directly from Sony Music. Yes, they are of the original quality and much better than the ones on YouTube. A simple screenshot from the music videos looks like a large and HQ photo. He has a huge amount of rare and unseen materials. Sometimes his strong obsession with Britney Spears, as a brand and an artist scared me.

I have loved Britney with all my heart since I was barely 13 years old, but throughout most of her creative career, she is dear to me as a person, human like us. Now I am emotionally burned out from everything that happened behind the scenes of this website, and I would like, without offending all visitors, to take a little time out from all updates and switch to my personal life, move to a new apartment that I am waiting for and deal with relationships in real life.

He doesn’t want to return to me part of the material with Britney that was bought with my money and sent to him for scanning. According to him, he’d rather throw it in the trash. Alexey has a great desire to hurt me to this day and a few days ago he managed to do it. Also knowing the leverage and having my great stupidity of trusting him, he managed to separate me from another site administrator, Anna Markina who made the same great contribution to the site as Alexey, providing hundreds of pages of photos and material for the site, rare recordings of TV-shows and documentaries in Russian. I think she’s tired of being in the middle of it all and probably from me. I understand her. Everyone chooses their own life, friends and environment. I’m in acceptance, even though it’s not easy for me right now.

I will add that I am far from perfect and such people simply do not exist. Everyone has their own cockroaches in their heads. I realized one thing, that betrayal is not excusable.

Perhaps I just needed to speak out and the last thing I want to be a victim in this situation, even though I probably look like that now. But this is my project and website and I am the creator of it.
I just need time, a month or two. Maybe more. Just digest everything that has been and will be. Try not to deal with scammers and emotionally unhealthy people anymore.

I will have a great desire for website visitors to be able to use the sections and I do not want to close anything at the time when the site is not active. But I think that once a year – rest is simply necessary to move on. The work on the website has done very much.

Thanks to other Britney Spears fans from Russia, with whom we have been friends since my childhood, and of course from other countries, for such pleasant support during this difficult time for me and interest in this website.

Thank you all for your understanding!

Lots of love,
Ruslan Kiyashko
Owner of the BritneySpearsMedia.ru