written by Ruslan Kiyashko on 24 May 2024

Britney Spears Media turns 10 years!

Time flies so fast. It seems that everything started quite recently, but it was on May 24, 2014 that this website was opened online.

Over the past decade, the site has been constantly updated and has grown to a significant size. Of course, by the standards of History, it is still a child, but … then what a cool kid he is if the whole world knows him! About 700 people visit us every day.

We timed the design update and the structure of the site to coincide with this event some time ago.

Thanks to everyone who comes to us, reads posts, looks at photos, downloads media files and leaves messages. We will continue to try to fill our website with interesting and useful content.

written by Ruslan Kiyashko on 02 December 2023

Happy Birthday, Britney Jean Spears

Exactly 42 years ago, on December 2, 1981, a little star was born, the beautiful and charming Britney Jean Spears.
Singer, actress, screenwriter, dancer, composer, music producer, TV presenter, designer, model, perfumer, songwriter, choreographer, idol of millions – and all this in one of our humble, kind and insanely talented pop icons. We, loyal fans, love Britney for her talent, for her music, kindness and the inspiration she gives to people.

On this day, we want to wish her good health, love, good luck in life, more pleasant moments and inspiration

There are many singers and wonderful people in the world, but our Britney is special because her talent and charm still conquers the world! People get tattoos, wear clothes with her photo, collect various CDs, cover her songs, and her name is still and forever the most recognizable on the planet! An icon!

We love you, the one and only miss Britney Spears!

written by Ruslan Kiyashko on 24 May 2023

It’s our 9th birthday, Baby!

Throughout the time there have been ups and downs of the project. I have created a website, a place for a real fan.. where you can find a huge number of media files for online viewing and downloading. It is impossible to imagine a world without Britney Spears, she hit America like a real hurricane, including fans from Russia. Our main goal is to preserve her Greatness and Heritage as a “Pop Phenomenon”. Some dusty removable cds and archives have been opened to share interesting content!

Exclusive HQ photos from Lisa Peardon’s photoshoot for the promo of the first single “…Baby One More Time” have been uploaded to the britneyspearsmedia.ru gallery.

Stay tuned for more content!

written by Ruslan Kiyashko on 14 May 2023

New members of the Britney Spears Media team

We always work hard to get quality material and share content for all fans. Now there are a lot of us!
Welcome new members of the Britney Media team André Sousa & Alex Karpov.

Working together, we will try to make updates even more!

Check out a rare photo in Mary Ellen Matthews’ 2003 photo shoot in our gallery.

Commercials > Tours > The Onyx Hotel Tour (2004)

written by Ruslan Kiyashko on 05 October 2022

Некоторые новости сайта и обновлений

1. Прежде всего мне хотелось сообщить, что следующие обновления на сайте и все посты будут на русском языке, как и было раньше. Мне требуется достаточно много времени, чтобы проверять грамматику английского языка, а хочется это время посвящать больше сайту. Несмотря на то, что администраторы сайта из России, большую часть посетителей мы имеем именно среди зарубежных поклонников. Я надеюсь, это не составит большой проблемы для вас, так как многие браузеры переводят текст автоматически и смысл постов будет понятен всем.

2. В течение этого года, галерея img.britneyspearsmedia.ru имеет большие обновлений различных фотографий с церемоний награждений, туров и публичных появлений Бритни Спирс. Выгружаются фотографии которые ранее были недоступны в качестве и без различных тэгов.

3. Работа над сайтом идёт очень большая, перебирается вся структура сайта и разделов, в том числе всех медиа файлов для более удобного поиска и расположения (вы пока этого не видите, так как это внутренние процессы сайта). За все 8 лет которые сайт существует, многие страницы стали либо не актуальны или выглядят не совсем удобно. Также идёт работа над новым дизайном сайта. Данный процесс не очень быстрый, но внешний вид сайта тоже будет обновлён.

Спасибо всем большой за поддержку сайта, за тёплые слова которые вы пишите.

По всем любым вопросам пишите на britneyspears.ru@ya.ru

Подписывайтесь на Britney Spears Media в социальных сетях, чтобы узнавать о всех обновлениях сайта первыми:
Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

written by Ruslan Kiyashko on 24 May 2022

Britney Spears Media is 8 years old!

Today marks the 8th anniversary of the Britney Spears Media website. We celebrate this day with gratitude to everyone who supports us and loves our project.

We have reached about 422,000 unique visits during the year. Britney Spears Media now is:
– more than 1.5 TB media files including video and audio files for download
– an ever-growing photo gallery with 18,500 photos, most of which are published exclusively
– 3 administrators who work on the project and constant support from fans all over the world
– 7 design updates and we are working on a new and more user-friendly site structure

None of this would have been possible without the support we receive from so many people!

We will be sharing interesting and rare content from our personal collection in the near future, and we hope you enjoy it!

Feel free to contact britneyspears.ru@ya.ru for any questions and subscribe to our Twitter and Instagram to learn about new content updates first.

written by Ruslan Kiyashko on 17 March 2022

Eddie Malluk 1998 (1 UHQ Scan)

Hi guys. First of all, I would like to thank you for supporting me and the Britney Media project. It’s so important to know that all the work brings you joy and allows you to keep the legacy of our Queen Britney Spears.

Our work on the website is going slowly, but the content will be amazing. We are sharing with you a rare photo scan, shooting by Eddie Malluk in 1998. I’m not really good at photoshop, but I had to try after seeing this poster. I hope you enjoy.

Eddie Malluk 1998 (UHQ x 1)

If you have any cool media files with Britney Spears, it can be video/audio files or photos, also if you have time to retouch already scanned material, contact us by e-mail britneyspears.ru@ya.ru

More surprises coming soon! Stay tuned.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones, now it is very important.


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