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People can take everything away from you, But they can never take away your truth [Britney Spears - My prerogative]

VIDEO: Britney Spears 22/8/2015 (Live @ Piece of Me) HD

by Ruslan Kiyashko on August 24 2015
 Britney Spears- Gimme More_BTI_InterludeBritney Spears- Gimme More_BTI_Interlude 8_22_15  Britney Spears- Me Against the Music Britney Spears- Me Against the Music 8_22_15


 Britney Spears- Pretty Girls_PerfumeBritney Spears- Pretty Girls_Perfume 8_22_15  Britney Spears-Dance Break BOMT_OIDIA Britney Spears-Dance Break btwn BOMT_OIDIA 8_22_15


 Britney Spears-Slave for You_Freak show IntroBritney Spears-Slave for You_Freakshow Intro 8_22_15
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