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Britney Spears Live From Miami 2004. Extended promo!

by Ruslan Kiyashko on June 08 2022

Exclusive Showtime materials for 2004 promo. Behind “The Onyx Hotel tour”, and the “Road To Miami” TV show backstage.

Videos named “Eye On America” were posted on Showtime website. There was also alternative version of “Live From Miami” commercial.

The Onyx Hotel Tour (Extended Commerical) Road To Miami
VOB 480P / 42 MB / 02:44

– – –

Live From Miami 2004 (Extended Commerical) Eye On America
VOB 480P / 42 MB / 02:04

– – –

Live From Miami (Showtime Commercial)
VOB 480P / 8 MB / 00:30

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