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Gimme More (Midnight FM Remix) by Nick*

by Ruslan Kiyashko on November 06 2020

It’s always Britney, bitch isn’t it? After remixing Gimme More in 2007 and 2011, I didn’t intend to do another, but here we are and it’s my favorite of them all. It’s smooth, vibey, and the synthwave solo seals the deal. – Nick

Britney Spears – Gimme More (Midnight FM Remix)
Apple Lossless | M4A (AAC) | MP3 / 166 MB / 15:16

01 Gimme More (Nick Midnight FM Remix)
02 Gimme More (Nick Midnight FM Remix Instrumental)
03 Gimme More (Nick Midnight FM Remix Edit)
04 Gimme More (Nick Midnight FM Remix Edit Instrumental)

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