written by Ruslan Kiyashko on 21 December 2015

Britney’s ‘American Dream’ Mobile App Appearance: Video


You know you’re having a perfect Monday when Britney Spears tells you you look great.

In the clip from her new mobile app exclusively on Google Play (for now), Britney tells the user “You look great! Let’s get out there… it’s show time!”

Britney Spears: American Dream is a new mobile game similar to Kim Kardashian’s hit game. The company behind the game, Glu, brings Britney to life as the main mentor in her own game as you record hit songs, upgrade your wardrobe, perform at top venues, and more. The game was exclusively unveiled on Google Play over the weekend. The current game is a beta version for developers work work the bugs out before it rolls out on iTunes.

Check out some exclusive images and previews of the game featuring Britney herself here, and head on over to Google Play to download the game now!

Watch below:



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