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People can take everything away from you, But they can never take away your truth [Britney Spears - My prerogative]

Britney Spears – Original Doll (Collector’s Edition)

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[DISC 1] Original Doll (Collector’s Edition)

01 Guilty 2.0.mp3
02 Dramatic.mp3
03 Money, Love and Happiness.mp3
04 Rock Star (feat. Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes).mp3
05 Sippin’ On (feat. AC).mp3
06 Over To You Now (Alternative Version).mp3
07 Look Who’s Talking Now.mp3
08 Kiss You All Over (feat. Maurice and Sean Garrett).mp3
09 911.mp3
10 Ouch.mp3
11 Interlude Break Control.mp3
12 Rebellion.mp3
13 Mona Lisa 2.0.mp3
14 Love 2 Love U.mp3
15 Conscious 2.0.mp3
16 Peep Show.mp3
17 Hooked On.mp3
18 And Then We Kiss.mp3
19 Someday (I Will Understand) [Melody No-Drums Mix].mp3
20 To Love (Let Go) [Alternative Version].mp3
21 Untitled Lullaby (Baby Boy).mp3
22 Strangest Love.mp3
23 State Of Grace.mp3

[DISC 2] Extra Songs

01 Mona Lisa 3.0.mp3
02 Rock Star.mp3
03 Sippin’ On.mp3
04 Look Who’s Talking Now (feat. BoA).mp3
05 Kiss You All Over.mp3
06 All That She Wants (Pop Mix).mp3
07 For My Sister (Roly’s Extended Edit).mp3
08 Welcome To Me.mp3
09 To Love (Let Go).mp3
10 Untitled Lullaby (Baby Boy) [K. I. Edit].mp3
11 All That She Wants.mp3
12 Someday (I Will Understand) [Acoustic Mix].mp3
13 And Then We Kiss (Alternative Version).mp3
14 Welcome To Me (DJ FmSteff Mix).mp3
15 All That She Wants (feat. Ace Of Base).mp3
16 When U Gon’ Pull It.mp3
17 Get It.mp3

[DISC 3] Remixes

01 Mona Lisa (Nicks DJ Volume Radio Edit).mp3
02 Do Somethin (DJ Monks Radio Edit).mp3
03 My Prerogative (DJ FX 2011 Remix).mp3
04 And Then We Kiss (Petyasb Radio Mix).mp3
05 Someday (I Will Understand) [Serial Lover Killer Remix].mp3
06 Hooked On (Magical Flare 2014 Remix).mp3
07 Love 2 Love U (Eduardo Brava Remix).m4a
08 Over To You Now (Joey CS Over To Dub Now Mix).mp3
09 Kiss You All Over (Remix Demo).mp3
10 Guilty (Quentin Harris Remix Edit).mp3

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