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People can take everything away from you, But they can never take away your truth [Britney Spears - My prerogative]

Demos / Unreleased

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℗ 2016
Tracklist: 72 tracks
Size: 589Mb


Britney Spears – Unreleased Collection:

01 Look Who’s Talking Now.m4a
02 When You Gonna Pull It.m4a
03 Dangerous.m4a
04 I Run Away.m4a
05 Love 2 Love U (Just Let Me Go).m4a
06 S_M (Remix) Feat Rihanna.m4a
07 Strangest Love.m4a
08 Telephone.m4a
09 Mad Love.m4a
10 Burning Up.m4a
11 Dramatic.m4a
12 Tell Me (Am I a Sinner).m4a
13 When I Say So.m4a
14 Everyday.m4a
15 The Joy Of Pepsi.m4a
16 And Then We Kiss (Original Version).m4a
17 All That She Wants.m4a
18 Intimidated.m4a
19 Ouch.m4a
20 Crazy (feat. Kevin Federline).m4a
21 Kiss You All Over.m4a
22 Rebellion.m4a
23 Rock Boy.m4a
24 What You Sippin’ On.m4a
25 911.m4a
26 Baby Boy.m4a
27 Before The Goodbye.m4a
28 Outta This World.m4a
29 Right Now (Taste The Victory).m4a
30 Abroad.m4a
31 Just Yesterday.m4a
32 Trouble.m4a
33 Rock Star.m4a
34 Luv The Hurt Away.m4a
35 Money, Love and Happiness.m4a
36 State Of Grace.m4a
37 Guilty.m4a
38 Walk On By.m4a
39 It Feels Nice.m4a
40 Pleasure You (feat. Don Philip).m4a
41 Get It.m4a
42 This Kiss.m4a
43 Girls And Boys.m4a
44 I’m So Curious.m4a
45 Sugarfall.m4a
46 Let Go.m4a
47 My Only Wish (Christmas-track).m4a
48 Guilty (Remix).m4a
49 Over To You Now.m4a
50 She’ll Never Be Me.m4a
51 Soda Pop [Extended Version].m4a
52 Unbroken.m4a
53 Welcome To Me (Demo).m4a
54 Rebellion (Clear Clip Version).m4a
55 Vertigo.m4a
56 Ouch (Remastered Version).m4a
57 Dramatic.m4a
58 Rebellion (Remastered).m4a
59 Rock Star (Neemz ft Lisa Left Eye).m4a
60 Strangest Love.m4a
61 Sugarfall (Remastered).m4a
62 Dangerous (Demo Chorus).m4a
63 All that she wants.m4a
64 Baby Boy.m4a
65 Over To You Now (Alternative Vers).m4a
66 When I Say So.m4a
67 Kiss You All Over (Final Version).m4a
68 Mystic Man (Live DWAD Tour).m4a
69 Weakness (Rare Live Version).m4a
70 Silent Night.m4a
71 Over To You Now.m4a
72 Gasoline (Feat Bonnie Mckee) (Demo).m4a

℗ 2016
Tracklist: 24 tracks
Size: 152Mb


Britney Spears – The Demos Collection:

01 – Drop Dead Beautiful (Demo from Femme Fatale).mp3
02 – A Song About You (Demo From Blackout).mp3
03 – Been A While (Demo From Blackout).mp3
04 – Black Widow (Demo From Femme Fatale).mp3
05 – Click (Demo From Femme Fatale).mp3
06 – Cocaine (Demo From Britney Jean).mp3
07 – Entertainment (Demo From Femme Fatale).mp3
08 – Exhale (Demo From Britney Jean).mp3
09 – Feel Me Up (Demo from Britney Jean).mp3
10 – Femme Fatale (Demo From Femme Fatale).mp3
11 – Fillin’ Me Up (Demo From Blackout).mp3
12 – Got Me High (Demo From Blackout).mp3
13 – I Need A Change (Demo From Femme Fatale).mp3
14 – Love Is War (Demo From Femme Fatale).mp3
15 – Red Is The Color (Demo From Femme Fatale).mp3
16 – Sorry Adam (Demo From Femme Fatale).mp3
17 – Stuck On Repeat (Demo From Circus).mp3
18 – Tear The Club Up (Demo From Femme Fatale).mp3
19 – Telephone (Demo From Circus).mp3
20 – Tik Tik Boom (Demo From Britney Jean).mp3
21 – Turn The Lights Out (Demo From Glory).mp3
22 – Unbroken (Demo From Femme Fatale).mp3
23 – Vapors (Demo From Britney Jean).mp3
24 – Vertigo (Demo from Femme Fatale).mp3


Make Me (Not Final & Unmastered Mixes) /Folder
So Free (feat. Pitbull & Marc Anthony) /Folder

Dance Your Fck Off (Britney Spears Demo).mp3
Dance Your Fck Off (Nicole Morier Demo).mp3
Exaholic (Full).mp3
Heart in My Pocket (Demo by Charlie XCX).mp3
Hey Ma (Demo feat. Pitbull and Romeo Santos).mp3
Hey Ma (Untagged Demo feat. Pitbull and Romeo Santos).mp4
Hey Ma (Vocal Outtake Mixed).mp3
Hey Ma (Vocal Outtake).mp3
Just Luv Me (Rough Demo 1).mp3
Just Luv Me (Rough Demo 2).mp3
Just Luv Me [Demo Snippet].m4a
Make Me (Demo by Matthew Burns).mp3
Make Me… (Clean No Rap Edit).mp4
Mood Ring (DJ Mustard Demo).mp3
Mood Ring (The Chainsmokers Demo).mp3
Pop The Balloons (Demo 2 by Charli XCX).mp3
Pop The Balloons (Demo by Charli XCX).mp3
Pop The Balloons (Demo by Sarah Hudson).mp3
Spell (Producers Demo).mp3
Supernatural (Mix 1 No Bridge) (Demo by Elle Vee).mp4
Swimming in The Stars (Original Mix).mp3
Toms Diner (Demo Snippet).m4a
Toms Diner (Demo Snippet).mp4
Turn The Lights Out (Demo By Elle Vee).m4a
Vapors (Demo By Elle Vee).mp3


Britney Jean:

10 Seconds [Demo By Dev Hynes].mp3
Alien [Demo By Ana Diaz].mp3
Alien [Pre-Release Version].m4a
Alien [Rough Warm Up Demo].mp3
Exhale [Demo By Elle Vee].mp3
Hate You (Demo by Charli XCX).mp4
Hostage (Demo by Elle Vee).mp3
Lover Boy (Demo Snippet).mp3
No Name [Demo By Dev Hynes].mp3
Ooh La La (Original).mp3
Ooh La La [Demo By Lola Blanc].mp3
Passenger (Demo By Sia).mp3
Passenger DEMO (by Katy Perry).mp3
SMS (Bangerz) [Demo feat. Britney Spears].m4a
SMS (Bangerz) [Rough Demo feat. Britney Spears – Snippet].mp3
SMS (Bangerz) [Rough Demo V2 feat. Britney Spears].mp3
Tik Tik Boom [Demo By Onique “Sparrow” Williams].mp3
Untitled [Demo By Danja].mp3
Work Bitch [Demo].mp3


Femme Fatale:

(Drop Dead) Beautiful [Demo By Esther Dean].mp3
Antidote [Demo By Lisa Greene].mp3
Black Widow (Demo by Myah.Marie).mp3
Burning Up [Demo].mp3
Click (Demo by Mia J).mp3
Come Alive (Demo By Neon Hitch).mp3
Connected [Producer’s Demo].mp3
Every Day.m4a
Gasoline [Demo By Bonnie McKee].mp3
Get Outta My Way (Producers Demo).mp3
Heads Up (Demo by Frankie Storm).mp3
Heads Up (Second Demo by Frankie Storm).mp3
Hold It Against Me [Demo By Bonnie McKee].mp3
I Dare You [Demo By Bonnie McKee].mp3
I Need A Change [Demo By Esther Dean].mp3
King of My Castle (Demo feat. Shayne Ward).wav
Love Is War (Rough Demo by Shelly Peiken).mp3
Love Is War (Shelly Peiken).mp3
Masquerade (Demo By Myah Marie).mp3
My First Love [Producer’s Demo].mp3
Pulse (Demo by Kasia Livingston).mp3
Red Is The Color [Demo By Heather Bright].mp3
Red Is The Color [Early Demo By Heather Bright].mp3
Scary [Demo].mp3
Sorry Adam [Producer’s Demo].mp3
Stereotypical Lover [Demo By K. Briscoe].m4a
Tear The Club Up (Faster – The Outsyders).mp3
Tear The Clup Up (The Outsyders).mp3
Till The World Ends [Remix V1.4].mp3
Timebomb (Demo by Livvi Franc).mp4
Trip To Your Heart [Demo By Nicole Morrier].mp3
Trouble For Me [Demo By Livvi Franc].mp3
Trouble For Me [Rough Demo].m4a
Trouble for Me.mp3
Vertigo [Demo by Nicole Morrier].mp3



Amnesia (Demo By Kasia Livingston) Snippet.mp3
Amnesia [Demo].mp3
Big Spender (Demo by Kalenna).mp3
Dangerous [Demo by Nicole Morrier].mp3
Elevator [Demo By Sky Ferreira].mp3
Entertainment [Demo by Bloodshy & Avant].mp3
Every Day.mp4
Feet On The Ground [Demo By Myah Marie].mp3
Feet On The Ground [Rough Demo By Myah Marie].mp3
Flame Thrower [Demo By Chris Brown].mp3
Follow (One) [Demo By Danja].mp3
Insatiable [Demo By Lisa Greene].mp3
Inside Job (Demo by Frankie Storm).mp3
Mannequin [Demo].mp3
Mmm Papi [Demo].m4a
Out From Under [Demo By Shelly Peiken].mp3
Out From Under [Rough Demo By Shelly Peiken].mp3
Outta My Head [Demo By Fernando Garibay].mp3
Performance (Demo by Frankie Storm).mp3
Prince Charming [Demo By Chad Beatz].mp3
Pucker Up [Demo By Kaleena].m4a
Quicksand [Demo By Lady Gaga – Snippet].mp3
Quicksand [Demo].mp3
Royalty (Demo by Etta Bond).mp3
Stuck on Repeat (Demo by Elle Vee).mp3
Superlover [Demo By Fernando Garibay].mp3
Tear The Clup Up [Demo By The Outsyders].mp3
Telephone (feat. Lady Gaga) [Demo].mp3
Telephone [Demo].mp3
This Kiss.mp3
Turn Me Up (Demo by Frankie Storm).mp3
Under Arrest [Demo by Dawn Richard].mp3
Unusual You [Demo By Kasia Livingston].mp3
Velvet Lipstick [Demo by Andre Merritt & Chris Brown].mp3
Womanizer [Demo By The Outsyders].mp3



911 (Solo version).mp3
Battle Of The Sexxxes (Demo by Justin Timberlake).mp3
Beautiful Lies [Demo By Kim Ross].mp3
Brave (Demo by Candice Nelson).mp3
Break the Ice [Demo By Keri Hilson].m4a
Break the Ice [Rough Chalice New Parts].m4a
Break the Ice [Rough Lead Vocals].m4a
Break the Ice [Rough Leads Recut with Ad Libs].m4a
Break the Ice [Rough Leads Recut].m4a
Crucify Me (Producers Demo).mp3
Detox [Demo by Bloodshy & Avant].mp3
Dramatic (Demo).mp3
Dramatic (feat. Heidi Montag).mp3
Everybody [Demo by The Cheetah Girls].mp3
Everybody [Demo].mp3
Get Back [Demo By Aaron feat. Keri Hilson].mp3
Get Back [Demo].mp3
Get Naked (I Got a Plan) [Explicit Master].mp3
Get Naked [Demo].m4a
Gimme More [Unmastered].mp3
Happily Never After (Demo by Ne-Yo).mp4
Heaven On Earth [Demo].mp3
Hooked On It (Sugar Fall) [Demo].mp4
Hooked On You (feat. Pharrell Williams) [Final Mix].wav
Hot As Ice [Danja Remix].mp3
Hot As Ice [Demo].mp3
Hot As Ice [Explicit Master].mp3
I’ve Been Loving You Too Long.mp3
Impossible (Demo by Ne-Yo).mp3
Kiss Me All Over (feat. Maurice & Sean Garret).mp3
Kiss You All Over.mp3
Love 2 Love U.m4a
Ooh Ooh Baby [Demo].m4a
Outta This World [Demo].mp4
Perfect Lover [Demo].mp3
Piece of Me (Demo by Robyn).mp3
Pull Out (Demo).m4a
Pull Out (Final Mix).wav
Radar [Demo By Candice Nelson].mp3
Radar [Demo].mp3
Red Hot Lipstick (Demo feat. Noterock).mp3
Remembrance of Who Am I (feat. Ace of Base).m4a
Remembrance of Who Am I.mp3
Sexify [Demo By Lisa Greene].mp3
State of Grace [Demo By Lisa Greene].mp3
State Of Grace.m4a
Supersensual [Demo By Lisa Greene].mp3
Tell Me What You’re Sippin’ On (feat. AC).mp3
To Love Let Go [Demo].m4a
To Love Let Go.mp3
Toy Soldier [Full Demo By Sean Garret].mp3
Toy Soldier [Short Demo By Sean Garret].mp3
Trouble (Intro).mp3
Untitled (Demo by Danja).mp3
Untitled Lullaby.mp3
Warning [Demo By Sean Garret].mp3
When I Grow Up [Demo By Rock City].mp3
Why Should I Be Sad [Demo].m4a


Original Doll:

Just Yesterday (Little Me).mp3
Mona Lisa [Demo – Snippet].mp3
Mona Lisa [Radio Rip Demo].mp3
Rebellion [Snippet 2].mp3
Rebellion [Snippet].mp3


In The Zone:

(I Got That) Boom Boom [Pre-Release Version].mp3
And Then We Kiss [Demo].m4a
Burn (Snippet 2).mp3
Burn [Snippet 1].mp3
Chaotic [Not Final Mix].mp3
Chaotic [Producer’s Demo].mp3
Crazy Things [Snippet – Demo by Michelle Bell – Vocals by Melodi Brown].mp3
Diary Of… [Demo By Michelle Bell].m4a
Disguise my Love (Demo by Michelle Bell).mp3
Do Somethin’ [Unmastered – Snippet].mp3
Early Morning [Explicit – Snippet].mp3
Follow Me [Producer’s Demo].mp3
Get It [DFA Demo].mp3
Guilty (Quentin Harris Remix).mp3
Guilty [Demo].mp3
Guilty Kiss.mp3
Instant Dejavu (JI Mix).mp3
It Feels Nice [Sin City Master].mp3
It Feels Nice.mp3
It’s My Life (Forget the Nine to Five) [Snippet – Demo by Michelle Escoffery].mp3
Look Who’s Talking Now [Mastered].m4a
Look Whos Talking Now [Unreleased].mp4
Me Against The Music (Solo Mix).wav
Me Against The Music [Demo – Snippet].mp3
Money, Love & Happiness.mp3
My Prerogative [Tapemasters Inc Rip].m4a
Outta Here [Snippet – Demo by Karen Poole].mp3
Over To You Now [Alternative Version].mp3
Peep Show.mp3
Phony Lullaby (Demo by Cathy Dennis).mp3
Pleasure You (Say What).mp3
Rock Star (Mastered).wav
Rock Star.m4a
Sippin’ On (feat. AC).m4a
Strangest Love.m4a
Take Off (Demo).m4a
The Answer (Alternative).mp3
Tilt Ya Head Back (Rough Demo).wav
Topbillin Love (Demo by Karen Poole).mp3
Touch of My Hand [Demo].m4a
Toxic [Demo By Cathy Dennis].m4a
Toxic [Rough Demo V1].m4a
Toxic [Rough Demo V2].mp3
Toxic [Rough Demo V3].mp4
Under the Pressure [Snippet – Demo by Michelle Bell – Vocals by Melodi Brown].mp3
Welcome To Me.mp3



Bombastic Love [Alternative Version – Snippets].mp3
Bring Me Home (Instrumental).wav
Mad Love [Fanmade Extended Version].mp3
Mad Love.mp3
She’ll Never Be Me.mp3
When I Found You [Demo].mp3
When I Say So.mp3


Oops!…I Did It Again:

Lucky (2 Bar Intro).mp3
Lucky (4 Bar Intro).mp3
When Your Eyes Say It (Demo Instrumental).wav


…Baby One More Time:

…Baby One More Time [Demo].m4a
…Baby One More Time [Sneak Preview Cassette].mp3
Let Me Take You There (Rough Version).wav
Love The Hurt Away (Davenport & Spencer Remix feat. Full Force & Paul Anthony).m4a
Luv The Hurt Away (feat. Full Force).mp3
Luv The Hurt Away (Rough Version).wav
Sometimes [Early Mix].M4A
The Beat Goes On (Not Final Mix).mp4
Where Are You Now (Not Final Mix).mp4
You Got It All (Rough Version).wav

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