Demos & Unreleased

Dance Your F*ck Off (feat. Nicole Morier) [Demo]

Dance Your F*ck Off (Sessions Solo Mix) [Demo]

Dem Chicks Be Like

Dem Chicks Be Like [Open Verse]

Exaholic (Cut)


Exaholic [Alternative Mix]

Hey Ma (feat. Pitbull & Romeo Santos) [Demo]

Hey Ma (feat. Pitbull & Romeo Santos) [Demo – Untagged]

Hey Ma (Vocal Outtake) [Sessions Mix]

Hey Ma (Vocal Outtake)

I Can Bang

Just Luv Me (Snippet) [Demo]

Just Luv Me [Demo #1]

Just Luv Me [Demo #2]

Make Me (Clean No Rap Edit)

Make Me (feat. G-Eazy) [VMA Eazy Remix]

Make Me (Main Mix + Main Mix feat. G-Eazy) [Renders]

Megamix (BBMA 16 V4.1 Vocal In)

So Free (feat. Pitbull & Marc Anthony)

So Free (feat. Pitbull & Marc Anthony) [Version 1]

So Free (feat. Pitbull & Marc Anthony) [Version 2]

So Free (feat. Pitbull & Marc Anthony) [Version 3]

So Free (feat. Pitbull & Marc Anthony) [Version 4]

So Free (feat. Pitbull & Marc Anthony) [Version 5]

So Free (feat. Pitbull & Marc Anthony) [Version 6]

So Free (feat. Pitbull & Marc Anthony) [Stereotypes Radio Edit]

So Free (Snippets feat. Pitbull & Marc Anthony) [Rough]

Sucker For Pain [Demo]

Swimming in the Stars (Original Mix)

Tom’s Diner (Snippet) [Demo]

Tom’s Diner [Demo 2]


Reference Tracks:

Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) [Demo 1.1 by Julia Michaels]

Dance Your F*ck Off [Demo by Nicole Morier]

Hey Ma [Demo by Akon]

Kiss and Make Up [Demo by Dua Lipa]

Liar [Demo by Vanessa & Victoria Evigan]

Man on the Moon (Snippet) [Demo by Phoebe Ryan]

Matches [Demo by Justin Tranter]

Matches [Demo by Asia Whiteacre]

Mood Ring [The Chainsmokers Demo]

Mood Ring [DJ Mustard Demo]

Pop the Balloons [Demo by Charli XCX]

Pop the Balloons [Demo #2 by Charli XCX]

Pop the Balloons [Demo by Sarah Hudson]

Spell [Writer’s Demo]


Alien [Pre-Release Version]

Alien [V1.3]

Alien [V2.8 Vocal Mix]

Don’t Cry [Sessions Rough Mix]

Ooh La La [Original]

SMS (Bangerz) [Demo feat. Britney Spears]

SMS (Bangerz) (Snippet) [Rough Demo feat. Britney Spears]

SMS (Bangerz) [Rough Demo #2 feat. Britney Spears]

Work Bitch [Demo]

Reference Tracks:

10 Seconds [Demo by Dev Hynes]

Alien [Demo by Ana Diaz]

Cologne [Demo by Sia]

Hate You [Demo by Charli XCX]

I Came To Dance [Demo by Jessie Malakouti & Sean Paul]

Ooh La La [Demo by Lola Blanc]

Passenger [Demo by Sia]

Passenger [Demo by Katy Perry]

SMS (Bangerz) [Demo by Miley Cyrus feat. Sean Garrett]

Tik Tik Boom [Demo by Onique “Sparrow” Williams]

Untitled [Demo by Danja]

Untitled [Demo by Dev Hynes]


Burning Up

I Wanna Go

King of my Castle [Demo feat. Lucas Secon]

King of my Castle (Solo Mix)

Scary [Demo]

Scary [Mix 4]

Till The World Ends [Remix V1.4]

Trouble For Me [Rough Demo]

Trouble For Me [Demo]

Unbroken (feat. Lindy Robbins) [Demo]

Reference Tracks:

(Drop Dead) Beautiful [Demo by Ester Dean]

Aftershock [Demo by Heather Bright]

After Tonight [Demo by Kelly Sheehan]

Anonymous [Demo by Lindy Robbins]

Battle Royale [Demo by Bonnie McKee]

Catch Me If You Can [Demo by Bonnie McKee]

Connected [Demo by Nicole Morier]

Femme Fatale [Demo by Bonnie McKee]

Gasoline [Demo by Claude Kelly]

Gasoline [Demo by Bonnie McKee]

Get Outta My Way [Demo by Alexandra Segal]

Heads Up [Demo by Frankie Storm]

Heads Up [Demo #2 by Frankie Storm]

Hold It Against Me [Demo by Bonnie McKee]

How I Roll (Snippet) [Demo by Nicole Morier]

Human Nature (Snippet) [Demo by The Outsyders]

I Dare You (Mix 9) [Demo by Bonnie McKee]

I Dare You [Demo by Bonnie McKee & Ina Wroldsen]

I Need A Change [Demo by Ester Dean]

I Look Better Wet [Demo by Lil Eddie]

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang [Demo by Bonnie McKee]

License To Love [Demo by Bonnie McKee]

Lie Detector [Demo by Bonnie McKee]

Louder [Demo by Tenna Torres & P-Dub]

Louder [Demo #2 by Tenna Torres & P-Dub]

Love Is War [Rough Demo by Shelly Peiken]

Love Is War [Demo by Shelly Peiken]

Monsterz Ball [Demo by Kasia Livingston]

My First Love [Demo by Claude Kelly]

No Ordinary Girl [Demo by Makeba Riddick]

Outlaw [Demo by Bonnie McKee]

Outta My Head [Demo by Michael Warren]

Pain Killa [Demo by Lil Eddie]

Prince Charming [Demo by Jade McKenzie]

Pulse [Demo by Kasia Livingston]

Red Is The Color [Early Demo by Forest Looper]

Red Is The Color [Demo by Heather Bright & Forest Looper]

RIP [Demo by Bonnie McKee]

Rules of Attraction [Demo by Bonnie McKee]

Shake Your Body Down [Demo by Makeba Riddick]

Sorry Adam [Demo by ELXXR]

Stereotypical Lover [Demo by Eric Bellinger]

Taste My Tongue [Demo by Lil Eddie & Heather Bright]

Tear The Club Up [Demo by The Outsyders]

Tear The Club Up [Faster Demo by The Outsyders]

Timebomb [Demo by Livvi Franc]

Trip To Your Heart [Demo by Nicole Morier]

Trouble For Me [Demo by Livvi Franc]

Tonight [Demo by Jacob Luttrell]

Unbroken (Mix 5) [Demo by Lindy Robbins

Venom (Snippet) [Demo by Crystal Nicole]

Vertigo [Demo by Nicole Morrier]

What I’m About [Demo by Eric Bellinger]



Amnesia [Demo]

Blur [Explicit 2023 Master]


Every Day

Mannequin [Demo]

Mmm Papi [Demo]

Mmm Papi [Early Mix]

Quicksand [Demo]

Rock Me In [Demo]

Telephone [Demo]

Telephone (feat. Lady Gaga) [Demo]

Telephone (Mix 3) [Demo]

This Kiss

Womanizer [Rough Pro Tools Demo]

Reference Tracks:

Access [Demo by Frankie Storm]

Amnesia (Snippet) [Demo by Kasia Livingston]

Big Spender [Demo by Kalenna Harper]

Bitch Switch [Demo by Lil Eddie]

Dangerous [Demo by Nicole Morier]

Double Trouble [Demo by Eritza Laues]

Entertainment [Demo by Frankie Storm]

Fire Drill [Demo by Lyrica Anderson]

Flame Thrower [Demo by Chris Brown & Andre Merritt]

Follow [Demo by Britney Bereal]

Inside Job [Demo by Frankie Storm]

Out From Under [Demo by Leah Haywood]

Out From Under [Rough Demo by Shelly Peiken]

Painted Windows [Demo by Kalenna]

Performance [Demo by Frankie Storm]

Pucker Up [Demo by Kalenna Harper]

Quicksand (Snippet) [Demo by Lady Gaga]

Shake My [Demo by Kalenna]

Stuck on Repeat [Demo by Elle Vee]

Superlover [Demo by Niré Alldai]

Take the Bait [Demo by Candice Nelson]

The Show [Demo by Taya Marquis]

Turn Me Up [Demo by Frankie Storm]

Under Arrest [Demo by Dawn Richard]

Unusual You [Demo by Kasia Livingston]

Velvet Lipstick [Demo by Andre Merritt & Chris Brown]

Womanizer [Demo by The Outsyders]

Womanizer [Demo by The Outsyders – Enhanced]



Break the Ice [Rough Lead Vocals]

Break the Ice [Rough Leads Recut]

Break the Ice [Rough with Ad Libs]

Break the Ice [Rough Chalice New Parts]

Dramatic (feat. Heidi Montag)


Everybody [Demo]

Get Back [Demo]

Get Naked (I Got a Plan) [Demo]

Get Naked (I Got a Plan) [Explicit Edit]

Get Naked (I Got a Plan) [Explicit 2022 Master]

Gimme More [Unmastered]

Heaven On Earth [Demo]

Heaven On Earth [Sessions Early Mix]

Hooked On (feat. Pharrell Williams) [Demo]

Hooked On (feat. Pharrell Williams) [Final Mix]

Hot As Ice [Demo]

Hot As Ice [Explicit Edit]

Hot As Ice (Danja Remix)

I’ve Been Loving You Too Long

Just Let Me Go [Love 2 Love U]

Kiss Me All Over (feat. Maurice & Sean Garret)

Kiss Me All Over

Little Me (Just Yersterday) [For My Sister]

Mad Love (Extended) [Fanmade]

Mad Love

Mona Lisa (Radio Rip) [Demo]

Mona Lisa (Snippet) [Demo]

Ooh Ooh Baby [Demo]

Outta This World [Demo]

Perfect Lover [Demo]

Pull Out [Demo]

Pull Out [Final Mix]

Radar [2022 Master]

Radar [Demo]

Rebellion (Snippet)

Rebellion (Snippet 2)

Red Hot Lipstick (feat. Noterock) [Demo]

Remembrance of Who I Am

Remembrance of Who I Am (feat. Ace of Base)

Secret (Snippets)

Sippin On’ (feat. AC) [Demo]

State Of Grace

To Love Let Go [Demo]

To Love Let Go

Trouble (Intro)

Trouble + Gimme More (MTV VMA 2007 Mix)

Untitled Lullaby

Why Should I Be Sad [Demo]

Reference Tracks:

Afterglow [Demo by Lisa Greene]

Baby in the Shotgun (Snippet) [Demo by Nicole Morier]

Battle of the Sexxxes [Demo by Justin Timberlake]

Beautiful Lies [Demo by Kim Ross]

Better in Time [Demo by Andrea Martin]

Brave [Demo by Candice Nelson]

Break the Ice [Demo by Keri Hilson]

Brit Song 1 Mix 2 [Christopher Notes Instrumental]

Cowboy [Writer’s Demo]

Crucify Me [Demo by Elan Luz Rivera]

Diary Of… [Demo By Michelle Bell]

Everybody [Demo by Lyrica Anderson]

Everybody [Demo by The Cheetah Girls]

Get Back [Demo by Corte Ellis feat. Keri Hilson]

Good Girl Gone Bad [Demo by Ne-Yo]

Happily Never After [Demo by Ne-Yo]

Hips N Lips [Writer’s Demo]

Impossible [Demo by Ne-Yo]

Like a Drug [Demo by Engelina Andrina Larsen]

Nightlife [Demo by Lil Eddie]

Nu-Di-Ty (Snippet) [Demo by Karen Poole]

Paparazzi [Demo by Chasity Nwagbara]

Piece of Me (Stems Mix) [Demo by Robyn]

Question Existing [Demo by Ne-Yo]

Radar [Demo by Candice Nelson]

Satisfied [Demo by Kalenna]

State of Grace [Demo by Lisa Greene]

Toy Soldier [Demo by Sean Garret]

Toy Soldier [Demo #2 by Sean Garret]

Turn Ya Head [Demo by Cathy Dennis]

Umbrella [Demo by The Dream]

Untitled [Demo by Danja]

Untitled Track 04 [Christopher Notes Instrumental]

Untitled Track 07 [Christopher Notes Instrumental]

Untitled Track 09 [Christopher Notes Instrumental]

VMA Beat [Christopher Notes Instrumental]

Warning [Demo by Sean Garret]

When I Grow Up [Demo by Rock City]

Why Should I Be Sad [Early Working Demo by Pharrell]


(I Got That) Boom Boom [Pre-Release Version]

And Then We Kiss [Demo]

Breathe on Me [Mark Taylor’s Rough Mix]

Chaotic [Not Final Mix]

Conscious [Demo]

Do Somethin’ [Unmastered – Snippet]

Early Mornin (Explicit) [Snippet]

Exclusive Rap Freestyle [It Feels Nice]

Exclusive Rap Freestyle [It Feels Nice – Sin City Master]

Guilty (Quentin Harris Remix Edit)

Guilty (Quentin Harris Remix)

Guilty Kiss

Instant Dejavu (JI Mix)

Look Who’s Talking Now

Look Who’s Talking Now [Mastered]

Me Against The Music [Demo – Snippet]

Me Against The Music [Pro Tools Solo Mix – Unmastered]

Money, Love & Happiness [Demo]

My Prerogative [Tapemasters Inc Master]


Over To You Now [Alternative Version]

Peep Show [Demo]

Pleasure You (Say What)

Rock Star

Rock Star [Mastered]

Strangest Love

Take Off [Demo]

Tell Me What You’re Sippin’ On (feat. AC)

The Answer [Exclusive Rap Freestyle + Alternative Mix]

Tilt Ya Head Back [Rough Demo]

Toxic [Ruff Mix]

Toxic [Rough Pro Tools Demo]

Toxic [Rough Pro Tools Demo V2]

Toxic [Rough Pro Tools Demo V3]

Untitled [Demo Produced by DFA]

Welcome To Me [Demo]

Reference Tracks:

Antidote [Demo by Lisa Greene]

Burn [Demo by Sarah Whatmore]

Chaotic [Demo by Michelle Bell]

Crazy Things [Snippet – Demo by Michelle Bell & Melodi Brown]

Disguise My Love [Demo By Michelle Bell]

Follow Me [Demo by Emma Holmgren]

Girls & Boys [Rough Demo by Linda Perry]

It’s My Life (Forget the Nine to Five) [Snippet – Demo by Michelle Escoffery]

Outta Here [Demo by Karen Poole]

Phony Lullaby [Demo By Cathy Dennis]

Sexify [Demo by Lisa Greene]

Spin the Record [Demo by Michelle Bell & Melodi Brown]

Strip [Writer’s Demo]

Supersensual [Demo by Lisa Greene]

Sweet Dreams My LA Ex [Demo by Cathy Dennis]

Topbillin’ Love [Demo By Karen Poole]

Toxic [Demo By Cathy Dennis]

Under the Pressure [Demo by Michelle Bell]

When It Rains [Demo by Fred Durst]


Bombastic Love (Snippets) [Alternative Mix]

I’m A Slave 4 U (MTV VMA 2001 Jungle Mix)

Never Be Me [Demo]

Sinner [Reference 6]


When I Found You [Demo]

When I Say So

Reference Tracks:

Can We Dance [Demo by Rina Mayo]

Hey Hey You You [Demo by Kara DioGuardi]

If I (Let You Go) [Demo by Rina Mayo]

Time Of Our Lives [Demo by Rina Mayo]


(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction + Oops!… I Did It Again (MTV VMA 2000 Mix)

Lucky (2 Bar Intro)

Lucky (4 Bar Intro)


…Baby One More Time (MTV VMA 1999 Mix)

…Baby One More Time (Pre-Release Sneak Peak) [Cassette Rip]

…Baby One More Time (Ruff Take 1) [Hit Me Baby]

…Baby One More Time (Ruff Take 2) [Hit Me Baby]

Born To Make You Happy (Sessions Demo)

I Have Nothing (Snippet) [Demo]

I Have Nothing (Snippet) [Demo – Enhanced]

I Have Nothing (Snippet) [Demo]

I Will Be There [Recording Session]

I Will Be There [Sessions Demo]

Let Me Take You There [Demo – Enhanced]

Let Me Take You There [Demo]

Love The Hurt Away (Davenport & Spencer Remix feat. Full Force & Paul Anthony)

Love The Hurt Away (feat. Full Force) [Cassette Demo]

Luv The Hurt Away (feat. Full Force)

Soda Pop (Extended Version feat. Mikey Bassie)

Sometimes [Early Mix #1]

Sometimes [Early Mix #2]

The Beat Goes On [Not Final Mix]

Where Are You Now [Not Final Mix]

You Got It All [Demo – Enhanced]

You Got It All [Demo]


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