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by Ruslan Kiyashko on July 10 2016

Wow! I found these two awesome videos on Work Bch and Breathe On Me made by a fan in Las Vegas. Video made quality and turned out so beautiful! Guys, you should see this:

DOWNLOAD: Britney Spears – Work Bitch (Live at the Piece Of Me 2.0)
Height: 04:36 | Size: 74 MB | Format: MP4 720

DOWNLOAD: Britney Spears – Breathe On Me (Live at the Piece Of Me 2.0)
Height: 03:38 | Size: 58 MB | Format: MP4 720

Residence “Britney: Piece Of Me” took the 6th place in the list of the most profitable residences Las Vegas for all time. The total profit from the show exceeded $ 80 000 000 dollars.

And lastly you watch the new Megamix 2016:

DOWNLOAD: Britney Spears – The Vinni Zone Megamix 2016
Height: 03:51 | Size: 58 MB | Format: MP4 720

Thank you Vinni Zone

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