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Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Randee St. Nicholas Photographer:

The full shot from the Private Show campaign featuring our spectacular set by @rathead11 and the legendary miss @britneyspears

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VIP Private Show is described as a seductive, fruity oriental. Fresh and sweet fruity notes from the top are combined with a floral bouquet in the heart and the base of velvety musk. Coffee and sweets from the original have been replaced by fresher fruits, while the heart of white flowers is complemented with accords of violet and magnolia.

“Private Show celebrates one of my biggest passions, dancing, and I’m so excited to take the fragrance to a more personal place with VIP Private Show!” said Britney. “It’s inspired by the personal, intimate feeling of putting on a show, where it’s just you and the audience.”

Top notes: blood orange, red apple, mango
Heart: violet, orange blossom, magnolia
Base: raspberry wood, golden amber, velvet musk

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Прекрасная новость! Уже появились первые промо-фото, нового 20 парфюма Бритни Спирс – Private Show. Также есть информация, что новый запах будет унисекс.

Great news! We already have the first promo photo, of the new 20 perfume Britney Spears Private Show. There is also information that the new scent will be unisex.


The bottle looks great! Can’t wait for the new fragrance. According to preliminary data, the perfume will go on sale at the end of July and start of sales will be in the UK. The cost starts from $9.99 and $52.

Флакончик выглядит прекрасно! Не можем дождаться нового аромата. По предварительным данным, парфюм поступит в продажу в конце июля и старт продаж будет в Великобритании. Стоимость начинается от $9.99 до $52.