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Dear and beloved Britney’s fans! So much people from over the world and you are all so different in age – I see on the site statistics. For all of you I have an important message!

Unfortunately, the site takes a leave of absence until the end of this year. All sections and updates will be suspended. This is the moment when the site is 4 years online and we need to pause and think about the future of the Britney Spears Media project.

If You have suggestions or ideas, email us via the feedback form.

With respect and love,
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Happy birthday Britney, 36 years old already. 36 wonderful years, since that December 2, 1981, a person like you was born. We must not forget that Britney is more than a simple pop star. I’m referring to Britney Spears as a human. Many times, we only value the sales and successes from an artist, and we forget the most important thing. We must not forget the suffering of that artist, to achieve everything she has achieved, we must not forget that Britney for 20 years has made us happy every day. SO PROUD TO BE FAN NOT ONLY FROM ONE OF THE BEST ARTISTS OF ALL TIMES, BUT ALSO OF A WONDERFUL PERSON. THANK YOU FOR ALL BRITNEY. ENJOY THE DAY WITH YOUR FAMILY, YOU DESERVE IT!!!!. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS.


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Dear visitors! I Am Britney Jean movie was reloaded (previous archive appeared to be damaged as told by some users) in HD 1080i, you can download the new file below:

DOWNLOAD: I Am Britney Jean 2013
TS / 1920×1080 / 8.18 GB / 01:25:57

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Hold It Against Me
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Glory (Japan Tour Edition)
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Femme Fatale Tour Montreal
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VMA MegaPack (1998 - 2016)
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Miami (Onyx Hotel Tour)
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Size: 751 MB
Discography (1998 - 2016)
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Live from Las Vegas
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Something To Talk About
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Britney Ever After
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