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People can take everything away from you, But they can never take away your truth [Britney Spears - My prerogative]

June 9 – ‘Had to get outside today… Such a beautiful day’

by Ruslan Kiyashko on June 11 2016

Britney_Spears_sanoo_Instagramissa-_22Had_to_get_outside_today____Such_a_beautiful_day__22_41.jpg Britney_Spears_sanoo_Instagramissa-_22Had_to_get_outside_today____Such_a_beautiful_day__22_40.jpg Britney_Spears_sanoo_Instagramissa-_22Had_to_get_outside_today____Such_a_beautiful_day__22_39.jpg Britney_Spears_sanoo_Instagramissa-_22Had_to_get_outside_today____Such_a_beautiful_day__22_38.jpg

Britney Spears – Dream Within A Dream Tour

by Ruslan Kiyashko on June 11 2016

Brian Friedman posted unseen footage from Britney’s DWAD tour. During this video you can see the soundcheck, rehearsals and some behind the scenes footage from this iconic tour.


Britney Spears @ 103 Years of Female Pop Stars |

by Ruslan Kiyashko on May 19 2016

How have music icons changed over the last century? We look at how the styles of female icons have evolved over the years.

Britney Spears 90’s …Baby One More Time

Britney + her fans in Vegas September 2015

by Ruslan Kiyashko on September 26 2015

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tumblr_nu4p1nEzgt1swazh0o7_r1_250 tumblr_nu4p1nEzgt1swazh0o8_r2_250

tumblr_nu4p1nEzgt1swazh0o9_r2_250 tumblr_nu4p1nEzgt1swazh0o10_r1_250

Britney + her fans in Vegas August 2015

by Ruslan Kiyashko on August 28 2015

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tumblr_nto3qlkiPJ1swazh0o3_250 tumblr_nto3qlkiPJ1swazh0o4_250

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tumblr_nto3qlkiPJ1swazh0o9_r1_250 tumblr_nto3qlkiPJ1swazh0o10_r1_250

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