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People can take everything away from you, But they can never take away your truth [Britney Spears - My prerogative]

Glory (The Rarities)

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Songs included on the album are all the bonus tracks that were not included on Spears’ ninth studio album “Glory”. The album also contains an unreleased track “Exaholic”. In addition to that, the album also includes a remix for every released single from the album and some demos/pre-release mixes. In conclusion the album contains a 1 unreleased track in the best possible quality, 8 bonus tracks included on certain editions of “Glory”, 2 demos, 2 early mixes and 5 remixes/alternative mixes. All of the tracks were recorded from 2014 to 2018.

Fanmade by Lonely Productions

1. Exaholic
2. Better
3. Change Your Mind [No Seas Cortes]
4. Liar
5. If Im Dancing
6. Coupure Électrique
7. Mood Ring [By Demand]
8. Swimming In The Stars
9. Matches (with Backstreet Boys)
10. Make Me… [Pre-Release Solo Mix]
11. Just Luv Me [Demo #1]
12. Just Luv Me [Demo #2]
13. Swimming In The Stars [Original Mix]
14. Make Me… (feat. G -Eazy) [VMA Eazy Remix]
15. Slumber Party (feat. Tinashe) [Remix]
16. Mood Ring (By Demand) [Pride Remix]
17. Swimming In The Stars [TV Mix]
18. Matches (with Backstreet Boys) [Vinyl Mix]

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