Britney [The Rarities]

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Songs included on the album are all the unreleased and bonus tracks that were not included on Spears’ third studio album “Britney”. In addition to that, the album also includes the official demo of “When I Found You” and a remix for every released single from the album. The album contains 4 unreleased tracks in the best possible quality, 4 live unreleased tracks performed on the DWAD tour in the best possible quality (audio enhanced by myself), 4 bonus tracks included on certain editions of “Britney”, 1 demo and 6 remixes. All of the tracks were recorded in 2001.

Fanmade by Lonely Productions

1. (Am I a) Sinner
2. She’ll Never Be Me
3. When I Say So
4. Mad Love
5. Mystic Man [Live]
6. Weakness [Live]
7. My Love Was Always There [Live]
8. You Were My Home [Live]
9. When I Found You
10. I Run Away
11. Before the Goodbye
12. Intimidated
13. When I Found You [Demo]
14. I’m A Slave 4 U [Thunderpuss Radio Mix]
15. Overprotected [The Darkchild Remix]
16. I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman [Metro Remix]
17. I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll [Karaoke Version]
18. Anticipating [Alan Braxe Mix]
19. Boys [The Co-Ed Remix] (feat. Pharrell Williams)

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