…Baby One More Time [The Rarities]

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Songs included on the album are all the unreleased and bonus tracks that were not included on Spears’ first studio album “…Baby One More Time”. In addition to that, the album also includes 4 early mixes of the released songs, demo of ”You Got It All” and a remix for every released single from the album. The album also has a bonus remix of the unreleased song ”Luv The Hurt Away”. The album contains 5 unreleased tracks in the best possible quality, 4 bonus tracks included on certain editions of “…Baby One More Time”, 4 early mixes, 1 demo and 6 remixes. All of the tracks were recorded in 1997/1998.

Fanmade by Lonely Productions

1. It’s Britney Spears, Baby [Intro] (by Don Phillip)
2. Luv The Hurt Away (feat. Full Force)
3. Let Me Take You There
4. Sweet Kisses [Snippet]
5. I Have Nothing [Snippet]
6. Deep In My Heart
7. I’ll Never Stop Loving You
8. Autumn Goodbye
9. I’m So Curious
10. You Got It All [Demo]
11. Sometimes [Early Mix #1]1
12. Sometimes [Early Mix #2]
13. Where Are You Now [Pre – Release Mix]
14. The Beat Goes On [Pre – Release Mix]
15. …Baby One More Time [Ospina’s Radio Mix]
16. Sometimes [Soul Solution Mid Tempo Mix]
17. [You Drive Me] Crazy [The Stop Remix!]
18. Born To Make You Happy [Bonus Remix]
19. From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart [Ospina’s Millennium Funk Mix]
20. Luv The Hurt Away [Davenport & Spencer Remix] (feat. Full Force)

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