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I’m not sure if this has been made already but I thought I would combine all Britney’s unreleased material into one post as a way for me and the rest of us to keep track of what songs we’ve heard and ones that haven’t been released.

…Baby One More Time Era

  • ‘I Have Nothing’ – a Whitney Houston cover recorded by Britney, she also sang it infront of JIVE record execs. I’m not sure if she recorded it for BOMT but I thought I would include it here anyway.
  • ‘It’s Britney Spears Baby’ – written by Wade Robson, the title though
  • ‘Luv The Hurt Away’ – Listen here
  • ‘Today’ – originally recorded by Toni Braxton and was presented to a number of labels in 1997 by Larry

Oops!…I Did It Again Era

No unreleased songs have come from OIDIA so far….

Britney Era

  • ‘Am I A Sinner’ – Listen here
  • ‘Baby Can’t You See’ – written by Pharrell Williams, first ballad produced by The Neptunes
  • ‘Bring Me Home’ – produced by BT
  • ‘Can Caper’ – scheduled as the theme for a Pepsi commercial starring Britney. Listen here
  • ‘Mad Love’ – Listen here
  • ‘My Love Was Always There’ – performed on the DWAD tour, watch a clip here
  • ‘Mystic Man’ – performed on the DWAD tour, watch a clip here
  • ‘She’ll Never Be Me’ – Listen here
  • ‘Weakness’ – performed on DWAD tour, watch a clip here
  • ‘When I Say So’ – Listen here
  • ‘You Were My Home’ – performed on DWAD tour, listen here

In The Zone Era

  • ‘And Then We Kiss’ (Original Version) – the ‘Junkie XL Remix’ was included on ‘B In The Mix’, listen here
  • ‘Free’
  • ‘Get It’
  • ‘Graffiti My Soul’ – recorded a demo but allegedly Britney/her label didn’t like the sound, the song later appeared on UK girl group Girls Aloud sophmore album ‘What Will The Neighbours Say?’ listen to GA’s version here
  • ‘Guilty’ – listen here
  • ‘Hollow’
  • ‘Instant Dejavu’ – listen here
  • ‘It Feels Nice’ – also known as ‘Sin City’, Britney also sang it on her episode of Punk’d, listenhere
  • ‘Pleasure You’ – Don Phillip stole the track and added his vocals to the track in 2012, the original solo version is yet to leak. Listen here
  • ‘Pulse’
  • ‘Rockstar’ – listen here
  • ‘Sacred’
  • ‘Shine’
  • ‘Sippin On’ – listen here
  • ‘Strangest Love’ – listen here
  • ‘Wonderland’

The Original Doll Era

Now before I get a shitload of messages telling me ‘Original Doll was never confirmed’, I know that. But what’s definitely true is during the latter part of 2004 – 2005, Britney was definitely working on music and it’s another Britney mystery that’s never been solved…

The songs below are tracks that have been registered in 2005, songs that were definitely not for ‘In The Zone’ or ‘Blackout’.

  • ‘Cheap Cologne’
  • ‘Conscious’ – listen here
  • ‘Disguise My Love’
  • ‘Little Me (Just Yesterday)’ – listen here
  • ‘Like I’m Fallin’
  • ‘Look Who’s Talking Now’ – originally recorded by Britney, BOA then recorded it for her debut English album, listen here
  • ‘Money, Love & Happiness’ – listen here
  • ‘Ouch’ – listen here
  • ‘Peep Show’ – listen here
  • ‘Take Off’
  • ‘Welcome to Me’ – listen here

Blackout Era

  • ‘911’ – listen here
  • ‘All That She Wants’ – listen here
  • ‘Downtown’
  • ‘Dramatic’ – listen here
  • ‘Grow’
  • ‘Sugarfall’ – listen here
  • ‘Love 2 Love U’ – listen here
  • ‘Kiss You All Over’ – listen here
  • ‘Pull Out’ – listen here
  • ‘Rebellion’ – listen here
  • ‘Sippin On’ (feat. AC) – originally for In The Zone, was reworked to feature AC for Blackout, listen here
  • ‘State of Grace’ – listen here
  • ‘To Love Let Go’ – listen here
  • ‘Baby Boy’ – listen here
  • ‘Who Can She Trust’ – J.R Rotem said of the track  ‘an introspective composition written solely by Britney. She sings ‘Where am I?/Where will I find my face?/Where will I find my faith?’ over a snap music hip-hop beat accompanied by the sound of a camera shutter clicking’

Circus Era

  • ‘Abroad’ – listen here
  • ‘Dangerous’ – listen here
  • ‘Follow My Fingers’
  • ‘Take the Bait’
  • ‘Telephone’ – written by pop singer Lady Gaga, a demo leaked in 2010 featuring Britney’s vocals, a cleaner version was uploaded in 2015, listen here
  • ‘This Kiss’ – listen here
  • ‘Whiplash’ – co-written by Britney, a demo with Britney’s vocals is rumoured to exist, the song was given to Selena Gomez for her 3rd album ‘When The Sun Goes Down’ listen to Selena’s version here

Femme Fatale Era

  • ‘Burning Up’ – Madonna cover, she performed it live on the ‘Femme Fatale’ tour, listen here
  • ‘Everyday’ – listen here
  • ‘Secret’ – listen here
  • ‘Unbroken’ – listen here

Britney Jean Era

No unreleased songs have come from Britney Jean so far….

Glory Era

No unreleased songs have come from Glory so far….

Songs which have been registered but not confirmed for the above albums:

  • ‘Father’s Eyes’
  • ‘Fed-Ex’
  • ‘Follow Me’ – Zoey 101 theme song, listen here
  • ‘Forgiven’
  • ‘Never Lie’

If there is anything missing or incorrect, let me know.

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Wow! Unloaded the album Britney, because in Mexico came out before the official premiere. Now we can download and listen to before, we can’t tolerate. But still don’t forget to do a pre-order. Britney will be pleased.

Download free 2016 – Glory (Deluxe Version).zip

New album Britney “Glory” will be released on 26 August 2016 and is now available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon.

iTunesiTunes DeluxeiTunes Deluxe (Clean)AmazonAmazon DeluxeAmazon Deluxe (Clean)Official Store – Vinyl

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Britney continues to delight his fans with new songs. The album will be released very soon, more precisely on August 26.


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Britney just surprised us with the announcement of her new album, Glory, which will be out on August 26. Pre-Order will start tonight at midnight ET and you’ll get PrivateShow instantly. Check out the beautiful album cover below.

“#Glory. My new album & the beginning of a new era. Available 8/26,” she shared on Instagram Wednesday morning with a cover photo of the highly anticipated product. “Pre-order tonight at midnight ET on @applemusic and get #PrivateShow instantly.”



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“Make Me” ft. G-Eazy by Britney Spears out now!

iTunes / Google Play

DOWNLOAD Britney Spears Make Me…

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Listen to Britney Spears, Pink, Jennifer Lopez and Others Sing ‘Hands’ for Orlando

New Music: Britney Spears, Mary J. Blige, Selena Gomez & More – “Hands” [Charity Single For Orlando Victims] In honor of the Pulse nightclub massacre, an all-star panel of 24 artists, including Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, Jason Derulo, Gwen Stefani, Mary J. Blige and Pink, have teamed up for a recording that will raise money for the shooting victims and their families.

Britney Comments On Orlando Tragedy: “This Is Truly An Attack Against All Of Us”

DOWNLOAD: 2016 – Hands (A Song for Orlando).m4a


I’m so excited to announce that we’re bringing the #PieceOfMe tour to select cities in North America, Europe and the UK! See you guys this summer!
Britney Spears

Details at britneyspears.com/events


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